We are blessed so we may bless others

Our city is seen as the crime capital of the United States. Violence in Chicago has been reframed by many as no longer an issue but an EPIDEMIC. Can you believe that? The violence in our city is being compared to diseases such as, Polio, Malaria and AIDS, due to the widespread affect that it is having on our people. The people of Chicago no longer feel safe. We no longer know where is safe or when is a dangerous time. Some are fearful to get on the subway to work, while others are scared to enjoy the fun activities that our great city offers. Everyone has an ongoing fear that they might be the next victim to get caught in a crossfire. Chicago continues to see a rise in violent crime each year. Only 10 out of 77 communities have experienced declines in crime in the past few years. This number should be higher. It is imperative that we act NOW. The saddest part is that young children are being killed due to these violent crimes everyday. We need to take measures to keep our kids safe, immediately.

We at Lloyd Agencies want to make sure that you and your families are protected for generations to come. But, not just through insurance. We have created, Closer to Chicago’s Heart, as a means to help stop the violence. For every presentation we are able to serve to the community, one of our managers will donate $1. At the end of the year all of the money collected will be donated to an organization fighting to stop the violence in Chicago.

Working Globally, Impacting Locally