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Lloyd agencies CEO Sabrina Lloyd

Sabrina Lloyd

Director of Operations

Sabrina’s Accolades

Sabrina’s Accolades
2006 – Top International Producer(#10 of 5,000)
2007 – Top International MGA
2008-2010 – Built a multi-million dollar team from scratch
2011-Present – Built 2nd multi-million dollar team from scratch
2011 – #1 SGA Category VII
2012 – #1 SGA Category V
2013 – #1 SGA Category IV
2013 – SGA of the Year
2014 – #1 SGA Category II
2015 – #1 SGA Category I

Zach O.

Schaumburg IL, Quad Cities IL/IA

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      Zach's Accolades

      Zach’s Accolades
      2014 – #3 MGA
      2015 – #2 MGA

      Duane S.

      Schaumburg IL

      Aaron P.

      Schaumburg IL

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        Kendall W.

        Schaumburg IL

        Skay N.

        Katie S.

        Alex J.

        Shiv P.

        Chelsie Otto

        Director of Operations

        Darcy Gaige

        Business Division

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